What cougar women looks into a young cubs?

When young cubs are trying to date or impress an older woman, it doesn’t mean that she will be impressed with you by your tricks. There are several other things that every cougar women will look into their dating partner. if you are interested in cougar dating and looking an older woman to date, make sure that you are fit for her. Cougar women must want few qualities in young cubs before they actually start date and share a bed.

Here are few things that you must know what cougar women look in young cubs when they really want to date a young cub. Here’s the list of things that every cougar women wants in her young cubs. Follow this list and find where you are –

You must be attractive and good looking – one of the very first thing that every cougar women look in her dating partner is that he must be good looking and attractive. You know how to behave in public. Cougar women are rich and wealthy women and they often go to luxury places. So, it is quite important that you know how to behave when you are in one of these places.

You must be good in bed – if you are in good in bed and makes her feel that you are the one that she is looking for than there are high chances of yours to stay with her for long term. However, cougar dating never remain for long term but it depends on you and how you are managing things. If you really want to stay with your cougar women for long, you must be good in bed. If you are not that good in bed, you are not a perfect candidate for older women dating.

Good sense of humor – another thing that attracts cougar women is your good sense of humor. If you are blessed with your good sense of humor, there are high chances of yours to stay with your cougar woman and try to impress her. But only a good sense of humor individually will never make you a good candidate for cougar dating. It’s a plus if you owns a good sense of humor and this will give you some benefit when you are trying to impress her.

Pay bills by your own sometime – it is understood that you are looking for a cougar women to date because she will take care of your bills and other financial requirements. But it is advisable to pay your bills by your own when you are on your first date. This will give a good impression of yours to her. Paying bills sometime will please her.

Make her feel special – every women wants that her dating partner will love her a lot and make her feel special among all other women. So, do it and make her feel special and praise her by complimenting her. But make sure you are not using any backhanded compliments as this will ruin your cougar date.

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