How to date a cougar woman?

Age is nothing more than a number. If you are dating an older woman, you start literally believing this. Dating an older woman is known as cougar dating and many young guys are super excited to date an older woman. They even register themselves in online cougar dating website and start searching a cougar woman to date. They even find a cougar date for them but due to the lack of any idea or experience to date an older woman, they soon lose their first cougar date for no good reason and their cougar date won’t give them the second chance to date her again. 

Cougar dating is fun but it’s not an easy if you don’t know how to date a cougar woman. Dating an older woman is an amazing skill and impress her on your first date is quite important if you really want to date her for long. No matter, you are newbie or date many teen girls before in your life but dating a cougar woman is completely different than dating a teen girl. Cougar woman are mature women and you can‘t act like a kid in front of them in order to impress your cougar date.

Here are few but the best cougar dating tips. If you don’t know how to date a cougar woman, follow these essential tips first before going out for date with your cougar woman. Here are the tips that you need to know before dating an older woman – 

Cougar woman appreciates a good sense of humor – cougar women do appreciate a good sense of humor. Having a good look is not only enough, you must know how to cheer up your dating partner with your witty thoughts. Having a good sense of humor is a plus when you are dating a cougar woman.

Confidence – you must know the thing that nothing is more attractive than a confident guy. If you are not confident while dating a cougar woman, you won’t deserve to date her. Cougar woman always looking for a confident guy and not the one who is confused and his confidence is below his belt. Be confident and show your manhood to your date if you really want to impress your cougar woman right on your first date.

Never use the word ‘C’ – dating is quite tricky especially when you are dating an older woman. Make sure what you are saying in front of her. Using the word ‘C’ is strictly not accepted when you are dating a cougar woman. Some cougar women don’t like to be called as cougar in front of her date or in public areas. So, it’s better to avoid any situation that you can’t afford or handle.

Never ask question about her age and wrinkles – stop asking any question related to her age or about her body or face wrinkles. These questions will make her uncomfortable and she might reject you instead of giving answer to your silly questions.

Dating an older woman is an amazing experience if you are doing it in a right way. Follow these instructions if you really want to enjoy your cougar date.

Things to do and don’t while dating a cougar woman

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