Cougar dating tips and tricks for young cubs Part – 2

Dating an older woman is only for fun and entertainment and it is more than a casual dating that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a long term relationship with your cougar woman, than it is quite sure that you finding your date in a wrong place. Cougar dating is basically known as causal dating and for those that are only interested in fun, entertainment and believed in one night stand. But there are few cases where cougar dating turn into a long term relationship and they are enjoying this quite amazingly. So, you never know what will come and how it will happen. Find older women on the best cougar dating app.

Dating an older woman is not an easy thing. You must know some special tips and tricks that will help you to impress your cougar woman and if you are able to impress your cougar woman, it’s quite sure that you are going to enjoy your cougar dating quite amazingly. If you haven’t been a part of cougar dating till now and it’s your first time to date any older woman and you are bit nervous to face her, here are few tips that will surely help you in your cougar date. In our previous post, we already discussed few points about what you should not do when you are with your cougar partner. Here are few other tips and tricks that will help you in your older dating. Follow these tips and tricks that will help you in your first cougar date – Find older women on the best cougar dating app.

Age is just a number – I am sure that you have heard this proverb before in your life that age is just a number. In mature dating, it is quite correct and you know what I mean. Find older women on the best cougar dating app. Whenever you are dating a cougar woman, it is quite better to avoid any questions about her age and age difference. She knows that she is getting old and she isn’t that pretty that she used to be before. But it doesn’t mean that you are asking the same question again and again. This will surely make her upset and she might start ignoring you right in your first cougar date. So, if you really want that she will entertain you; stop asking questions about her age and age difference.

Avoid any backhanded compliments – whenever you are asking questions about her age, it is quite obvious that you are giving her compliments like – Wow! You don’t look like that old. However you are giving a compliment to her but they are considered as backhanded compliments. These compliments make her feel that she is not that young anymore and getting old. Avoid these compliments when you are with her.

Make her feel special – If you really want to impress her right in your first date, make her feel special. Tell her that she is the only one that he is looking for and your presence will bring his smile back. Make her feel special and show how much you are in love with her. These things will impress any girl or women. Find older women on the best cougar dating app.

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